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Stealth Marketing & Viral Videos

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Viral videos are a very hot topic in the video world. Lots of promises are made about being able to make a video go viral and I am unconvinced that such guarantees should be believed. However, there are creators that have found success and delivered very creative campaigns.

This video is making the rounds right now and, as of this writing, has grabbed just under 1.5 million views on YouTube in four days. It is very well done. Check it out.

So, is it real?

No. It’s a fake, but it is very entertaining and clever. It is actually an ad for the new film, Limitless. A user named BITcrash44 created a YouTube channel and posted two videos…the one above and another that “explains” how he did it. The second video is actually more of a plug for the movie that opens this weekend.

I have no clue if the movie is any good or not, but I think this is a great example of stealth marketing.

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