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Online Video Consumption Soaring

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No matter how you measure it, the growth of online video is booming. This is true for both uploading and viewing. comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world found that online video views in the United States were up in 2010 almost 120% (from 14.8 billion to 32.4 billion).

These views are dominated by Google properties (primarily YouTube), which accounted for 39.5% of all views. Hulu finished a distant 2nd with 2.8%.

This is a trend that will only continue and probably accelerate. Marketing executives are realizing the power and necessity of video as another element in their portfolio, with almost all of it directed toward the web. Company websites and blogs that include videos do better with SEO and a customized YouTube channel can host a roster of videos for potential clients to discover.

From my perspective, I see the potential to provide expertise in this area for all my clients. We can create marketing videos to move products or documentary style informational videos to educate and inform. We can create a YouTube channel as a home for these productions and then share them via email, Facebook, Linkedin and other avenues.

All I’m talking about is using technology to match up content providers with content consumers. And the consumers are there. So it all comes down to creating content that potential customers are seeking and then using the tools at our disposal to make sure they find it.

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