The Wave of the Future

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Author/Contractor David Lupberger

We’re in the YouTube/Facebook generation. What does that mean? Short, clear (or not so clear) snippets of information. With media overload, we have a few minutes to get someone’s attention, and not much more. And you only get a few minutes of their time if your headline and initial content draw them in.

I’ve been working with building contractors for years. I’m the author of a book, Managing the Emotional Homeowner, and some additional information products. The book was published years ago, and has provided me with speaking and consulting gigs around the country. As a former remodeling contractor, I am an expert in this field, and the book allows me to share successful customer-management techniques with other building contractors.

I’ve discovered that the book is not enough anymore. People’s attention’s spans are short, so I needed to raise my game. (Working with Mike Williams) I have taken the book and created an 8-part series where the content of the book is delivered in 8 short video segments (along with an MP3 format). It comes with an e-book, where visitors can access the content of the video book in a downloadable electronic book. I’ll keep selling the book, but I needed to adapt to the new marketplace. Short and sweet video segments, available wherever there is online access.

This is the new economy. I have started hosting a number of online webinars, and to help promote the webinars, I include a short video link (90 seconds) that reviews the content of the webinar. Pictures are worth a thousand words. This is the wave of the future.

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