Half as Long is Twice as Good!

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I read an article recently by Joey Asher at FastCompany.com that completely echoes what I’ve been saying to my clients for years. Joey’s focus was on live presentations but the lessons are the same for corporate messaging videos, and for that matter, any kind of presentation.

Joey’s key points:

1) Half as long is twice as good. self-explanatory. and true.

2) Grab the audience like Spielberg. Great filmmakers know how to get the audience to pay attention right away. Do the same thing.

3) Make the body of your presentation pass the $300,000 challenge. This is a convoluted way of saying that you need to keep your messages limited and simple. I think for most presentations there should be no more than three key messages.

4) Leave lots of time for Q & A. Not always possible with a video, but for a live presentation…definitely.

5) Minimize your slides. I think this is similar to #3.

Read the whole article here.

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