A Day Made of Glass

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Here is another example of corporate video really well done. Corning obviously spent some money on this, but it shows. The ironic part of the story is that their intent was merely to impress some of their big investors in regard to the potential of Corning’s glass products down the road. A few months later and they have over 12 million views on YouTube. Check it out…

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Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens

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This is really cool.

Artefact, a design, research and technology company has re-envisioned the idea of photography and come up with WVIL (Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens). This is only a concept camera right now, although the videos make it seem like a new product (a bit of clever viral video production).

Check out the product video…

While this video looks cool for still photography, I am already extrapolating the concept to video. By having one wireless controller with multiple lenses set up around the room, a single person could oversee what is now called a multi-camera shoot. And the entire camera setup could fit in a backpack.

Here is another video for the WVIL. This one takes place on the show floor at CES. Keep in mind, this is not real…they used CGI to show what it would be like.

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Location Scouting Can Be a Challenge

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I plan to shoot a short film this coming Summer and I’m in the process of assembling a cast and crew, getting all the props, scheduling time to shoot and, of course, finding locations. One of the locations needed is a counter in a gun shop. We only need one setup there…just three shots.

I started looking for gun shops in the area and have found several. One of them actually has a picture of their counter and it looked perfect. So, I sent an email to the owner…


I am producing a short film to be shot this summer and I need a gun shop as a location. I am working without a budget so I would not be able to pay you, but I would give your shop credit in the film and on the website promoting it. We would only need your shop for a half day and would only need to shoot the area with the counter shown in the photo on your website.

Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. The shoot day is open for discussion, but I think a Sunday would be perfect and that would not interfere with your business since you are closed on Sundays.

I can send you a copy of the script if you are interested.



To the owner’s credit, he responded quickly. Unfortunately, this was his response…

“I am not interested at any price.”

This location scouting thing could be tougher than I thought.

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Have You Heard of WebM?

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The website says this…

“The WebM project is dedicated to developing a high-quality, open video format for the web that is freely available to everyone.

WebM is supported by Mozilla, Opera, Adobe, Google and more than seventy other publishers and software and hardware vendors.”

Even though Google is listed fourth in the list, it is my understanding that they are driving the WebM project. Google wants WebM to become the default for web video and replace the existing default, H.264. While H.264 is pretty well entrenched, it is controlled by a consortium called MPEG-LA, which holds the patents and charges a licensing fee for the right to use it.

WebM would supposedly end all that, making it easier and cheaper for everybody and ostensibly bringing some sanity to the current chaos of formats. Some browsers are already building in support for the format. I, for one, would like to see WebM succeed.

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IKEA Gets It

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Yet another great example of corporate video that people want to watch. IKEA had these very short pieces created that show people using their products in fun, imaginative ways. Check this one out…

Here’s one that shows us how to prepare sushi.

You’ll need a sharp knife if you want to try this at home. I wonder where you can find one.

You can see more at Vimeo.

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Supermeet Apple Final Cut Studio X Presentation 2eme partie (AKA Part Deux)

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The remaining part of the video…

Thanks to Emmanuel Pampuri for posting via his Vimeo page.

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Supermeet Apple Final Cut X Presentation

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Video from last night’s presentation & demo of Final Cut Pro X, to be available in June for $299 through the App Store.

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RIP Flip Video Cameras?

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I hope not. While many video professionals scoff at consumer products like Cisco’s Flip cameras, I personally love mine. I use it to record things with my kids and I also take it on shoots with me to record behind the scenes clips that might be useful sometime down the road, even if it’s just to email a short video to a client or crewmember.

Well, Cisco released a statement saying they will “Close down its Flip business and support current FlipShare customers and partners with a transition plan.”

This is in line with Cisco’s re-focusing on their core business. They are pretty much cutting the cord on all consumer products and attempting to regain their mojo with enterprise clients.

So, I guess the Flip is dead. Long live the Flip!

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VHX.TV is in the House

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This will definitely make things easier. Video is everywhere on the web and it gets passed around in myriad ways. VHX seems to be angling to become everybody’s personal internet TV dashboard, filtering all videos through their interface. While our tour guide, Irene, is a bit annoying, this video gives a pretty good look at what they are developing.

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FCP X Finally Gets its Night!

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FCP X logoThe launch of Final Cut Pro X just finished up at the Las Vegas SuperMeet for FCPUG (Final Cut Pro User Group). I, for one, am champing at the bit to get my hands on this new version. I did not upgrade to version 7 (didn’t really see a good reason to do so) but FCP is still my NLE of choice. I realize that Avid has many great features but FCP just works for me like a broken-in pair of jeans.

The new FCP sports a complete new user interface, support for 64-bit and takes advantage of Grand Central Dispatch to speed up performance and renders. It also features something called a “magnetic timeline” for keeping audio/video sync, easier nesting functions, automatic audio cleanup (thank you!) and plenty of new ways to handle metadata.

Final Cut Pro X will be available this June from the Mac App Store for $299. No word on the other applications in Final Cut Studio.

Let’s hope it lives up to the hype.

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